Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

I just wanted to send out some thoughts on this day today, November 11, Remembrance Day.  Today means a lot to me and my family, not only because we are thankful Canadians, but also because my grandfather William Maclean fought in WW2.

My grandfather was a big part of my life as I was growing up.  We lived in a duplex house, my mother, father, brother and I lived upstairs and my grandparents "Nana and Buppa" lived downstairs. I always knew that my grandfather fought in the war, and we were constantly reminded of what he did for us because he had a very pronounced limp.  My Buppa lost a part of his leg while fighting in the battle of Normandy.  He fought for us, for my generation, for my children's generation, for all the generations to come.  He survived, and he came home.  Remembrance Day is important to me for all the obvious reasons, however, it is extra important to me because I have my Buppa to thank for the sacrifices he made to give me the country that I live in today.

Please, let us not forget what these veterans did for us.  These veterans are dying.  They are getting older and they are gradually passing away.  Please, let us, as the generations that they fought for, pass on the memories of what they did and the importance of how much they gave up just to give us this amazing freedom.  They paid for the freedom that we are enjoying today.  Let us never forget that.

As I was watching the ceremony today, I was so disgusted by the group of protesters that interrupted the moments of silence.  What I have to say to them is simple.  HOW DARE YOU. How dare you protest against a commemorative event where we are trying to thank the people who fought, gave their lives, tore their families apart just so YOU can live in a country where you are ALLOWED to protest!  You were allowed to stand there and spew your disgusting chants against the very  people who gave you that right. HOW DARE YOU. SHUT UP, AND SHOW SOME RESPECT.

As for the rest of us real Canadians, let us take today to remember the sacrifices that these people made for us, and continue to make for us in the war going on today. Let us never forget what they did, what they gave, and continue to pass these memories on to future generations.

Lest we forget.

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